Lobby Day Recap

By Kurt Feigel

Today the Lynchburg Tea Party traveled to Richmond to lobby our issues before out representatives. That was the plan. What we encountered instead was a different story;

More than 20 people started our caravan up to the state capitol at 6 a.m.

Lobby Day

Once we arrived and found parking we were greeted to a sea of orange VCDL “Guns Save Lives” stickers and we knew we were among friends. Some of us however were forced by capitol police to return our “don’t tread on me”  flags and to vehicles because they were on “poles”. Last time I checked a STICK was still a stick. I find it amusing that in a crowd of peaceful, gun carrying citizens, myself included, that the police are concerned about a stick.

We then proceeded to try and meet and discuss our issues with our representatives. Sorry to report that Neither Delegate Byron nor Senator Newman were available. We instead met with their very nice legislative aids. I and the others in my group were very unhappy that we were not able to see our representatives. I guess the Tea Party patriots and the constituants are not important enough to them.

Maybe it’s time we seriously consider running replacement candidates.

On a happier note. There were thousands of people at the VCDL/Campaign for Liberty/Tea Party Patriots rally. It was great to see and hear so many of the champions of liberty speaking in the defense of our freedom. The main issues that were being pushed were the 10th amendment bill and firearms freedom.

Stay tuned for more great events for 2010!