Dear Lynchburg Tea Party Patriots,

We hope all of you have had a chance to enjoy a little summertime.  The heat as been oppressive and exhausting to work in, but Patriots those that would destroy our nation have not taken a break.  They have been relentless, and now they have turned their efforts to YOU.  Our old buddy Tim Kaine, DNC Chairman, has announced one aspect of the democrat strategy to defend their continued attacks on what is left of American freedom and liberty.  This strategy is to ATTACK the Tea Party movement by reinforcing their false message through the media outlets they control to convince the uniformed that the Tea Party and the GOP are one in the same.  They believe they will inspire Tea Party members to fully reject anything GOP, and the GOP to reject anything Tea Party.  Keep in mind this is a strategy designed to “divide and conquer” not just the Tea Party movement, but the GOP as well.  Do NOT fear the “tactic” they are using.  It is a sign that we are WINNING!  Just because you lie loud and often does not make your lie the truth.  They will do and say almost anything to demoralize us, demean us, and destroy us.  They do NOT comprehend the independent spirit of the Tea Party Patriots, and they are attempting to define you as something you are not.  They don’t understand the Tea Party attitude toward the Republic we love, and I doubt they will until they wake up one morning without any freedom left.  We must stop this.
Rush Limbaugh has been saying for some time now, that unlike the old movie westerns, in this case the cavalry is NOT going to come riding over the hill.  WE ARE THE CAVALRY!  You are needed, please respond to the call of Liberty and Freedom!
Our next Lynchburg Tea Party meeting will be: Thursday, August 5, 2010
Meeting starts at 7:00pm, (Buffet at 6:00pm, $10)
Location: Monte Carlo Italian Restaurant
3230 Old Forest Road Lynchburg, VA 24501-2336
(434) 385-7711
Our speakers will Be:
State Senator Robert Hurt, VA5 GOP Candidate
Congressman Bob Goodlatte, VA6 Candidate
We have a few business items on the agenda, and we need voting members of our group to attend.
Each candidate will have 10 minutes for prepared remarks followed by a candid Q & A session. Please take advantage of the opportunity.  Press will be welcome to interview at the conclusion of the meeting.
**This meeting will be closed to the media, and non-participants of the Lynchburg Tea Party. **
There will be no recording devices allowed without the express permission of the Lynchburg Tea Party leadership.  This meeting is for those involved with the Lynchburg Tea Party and approved invited guests to communicate directly with the candidates, and those in attendance.  No other candidates, campaign staff, or party workers will be permitted.  This same courtesy will be extended to other campaigns that have been invited for future meetings.
We look forward to seeing you there.  Please make every effort to attend this very important meeting.
Mark Lloyd