You are invited to the Roanoke Tea Party’s after senate debate cookout. You are welcome to speak to the crowd for a few minutes if you would like.

We have invited:

  • Bob Marshall
  • Jamie Radtke
  • George Allen
  • Morgan Griffith
  • Bob Goodlatte
  • Karen Kwiatkowski
  • Bill Boling
  • Ken Cuccinelli
  • Mark Obenshain
  • Cory Stewart
  • Rob Bell
  • Ralph Smith
  • Steve Newman
  • Joseph Yost
  • Onzlee Ware
  • Nick Rush
  • Greg Habeeb
  • Chris Head
  • Charlie Poindexter
  • Lacy Putney
  • John Edwards
  • David Bowers
  • Mak Lucas
  • Members of Roanoke City Council
  • Members of Roanoke County Board of Supervisors
  • John Brill & Committee
  • Gene Bishop & Committee
  • Marcy Hernick & Committee
  • Kjersten Croke & Committee
  • David Suetterlein & Committee
  • Wade Anderson & Committee
  • Brad Archer & Committee
  • Nate Boyer & Committee

A patriot celebration after the US Senate Debate!

We have reserved a park for an all-inclusive party/cook-out. All US Senate Candidates are welcome! Food and drink are provided. Enjoy live bluegrass music & speeches from Virginia’s patriot community both in and out of public office.

Candidates and representatives who support tea party principles are welcome to speak. Some pavillion tables and seating are available. Bring lawn chairs, outdoor games, friends, family and your appetite for hamburgers and hotdogs!

Saturday April 28 5:pm Jackson Park – Penmar Ave. SE between Langhorn St. and Montrose Ave Roanoke, VA 24014

Hope you can make it! Greg

Take Notice: As an organization, The Lynchburg Tea Party, Inc. wants to build coalitions with like-minded groups and individuals. There are numerous local, state and national groups as well as individuals who are doing good work and some that provide quality education or host an event that our membership would be interested in. Whenever possible, we will continue to share that information.