Attention Patriots! The Foundation For America in conjunction with Take Our Country Back PAC announces the America: 911 tour starting in beautiful Bedford, VA on May 1st at the Gibson Memorial Auditorium in the Science and Technology Center. The program starts at 7 pm. Admission is $10. Tickets may be purchased at the Foundation For America website ( or at the door. Please be advised that seating is limited and preferences go to those who have purchased tickets beforehand.

Come and join us on our journey to restore the principles that made this country great.

Watch the teaser for the program. We hope to see you there!

Take Notice: As an organization, The Lynchburg Tea Party, Inc. wants to build coalitions with like-minded groups and individuals. There are numerous local, state and national groups as well as individuals who are doing good work and some that provide quality education that our membership would be interested in. Whenever possible, we will continue to share that information.