As an organization, The Lynchburg Tea Party, Inc. wants to build coalitions with like-minded groups and individuals.  There are numerous local, state and national groups as well as individuals who are doing good work and some that provide quality education that our membership would be interested in.  Whenever possible, we will continue to share that information.

Below is an opportunity for those who are like minded to get involved in making a difference in our local area.

Lynchburg City Council elections are coming and you can help to change the way city council works. John Richards is running for Lynchburg City Council (Ward 1) and needs volunteers for door to door as well as phone banking. The election will be on Tuesday May 1,2012 so there is not much time.

Opportunities to go door to door are week nights from Monday-Thursday 5 pm – 8 pm and on Saturday from 11am until…

Phone bank volunteers can participate Monday – Thursday 6pm to 8:30pm and on Saturday 1pm to 6pm

If you want to help in either of these, meet at 2255 Langhorne Rd. (Next to La Carretta on Langhorne).

For additional information please contact:
Sammye L. Spillar 434-851-2771