Many of you may remember Richmond talk show host, Doc Thompson.  He currently has a radio show in Michigan.  Much like me, he gets some “inside” information from time-to-time.

He has received a communication between a friend and someone in the Republican Party leadership.  That communication is troubling as it says the congressional Republicans are seriously considering selling out gun owners to “seem reasonable.”

They are considering a magazine ban, changes to background checks, and more.

Here is a link to the email with redactions to protect the sources:


We need to contact ALL of our members of Congress and let them know that NO MORE GUN CONTROL OF ANY SORT WILL BE ACCEPTABLE and that we WILL be watching how they vote on our rights !

This is URGENT and we need every one of you to do your part NOW.  Feinstein is trying to rush through her gun control  bill and time is CRITICAL.  To be as effective as possible, let’s both call and send them webmail.

As always, be polite, but firm.

Forward this email to friends, family, and put it on other gun lists that have Virginia members!

If you don’t know who your Congressman is, click here and enter your 9-digit zip code in the upper righthand corner (such as 22122-2107).  If you only know your 5-digit zip code, enter that and you will be prompted to enter your home address, later:

District  Congressman                  Phone                          Webmail:

1            Wittman, Robert J.         202-225-4261  

2            Rigell, Scott                    202-225-4215   

3            Scott, Robert C.              202-225-8351  

4            Forbes, J. Randy            202-225-6365  

5             Hurt, Robert                   202-225-4711   

6             Goodlatte, Bob              202-225-5431   

7             Cantor, Eric                    202-225-2815   

8             Moran, James                202-225-4376   

9             Griffith, Morgan              202-225-3861   

10           Wolf, Frank                     202-225-5136   

11           Connolly, Gerald E.      202-225-1492   


Suggested subject:  Second Amendment  (or if no such choice, “other”)

Suggested message:

As a constituent I expect you to protect my right to keep and bear arms.  Reject ALL gun control, including, but not limited to:

* Gun bans of any sort
* Bans on magazines or other gun accessories
* Taxes on ammunition
* Background checks on private sales of firearms
* Restrictions on purchase, transfer, carry, discharge, or storage of firearms
* Restrictions, burdens, or additional requirements on firearms dealers, gun shows, hunt clubs or firing ranges
* Creation of any more “gun-free zones”  (we need to eliminate all such existing zones)

I will be watching your votes on gun control carefully and you will lose my support if you support any more gun control.



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