This Thursday evening 7PM at Liberty Univ School of Law we will have the final vote for the Motto Contest. You have to be present in order to vote so please come and be a part in selecting the motto/slogan for your Tea Party.  
Voters will have a tough job of deciding between so many great suggestions, better start now and find the ones you like best.
It would be great to have all those that have submitted suggestions to be present although not required.  The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to a local restuarant.

1.       Membership gets an early preview of all the motto suggestions listed below.

2.       We will hand each member a copy at the door Thursday when they check in.

3.       We hold three rounds of voting:

a.       First ballot – each member votes for three choices, top 10 plus ties move on to second ballot

b.      Second ballot – each member votes for two choices, top 3 plus ties move on to third ballot

c.       Final ballot – each member votes for one choice, winner takes all

4.       We announce the results and the winner this Thursday evening.

Motto Entries

1 Freedom-Loving Patriots
2 We Quote The Constitution And It’s NOT Un-Constitutional
3 Some People Are Born Patriots, Others Catch Up
4 Life…Liberty…Freedom…
5 Remember Why We Declared Independence in 1776
6 We Shall Never Reward Lawbreakers
7 Our Outlet – the Ballot Box
8 Will You Help America Thrive & Prosper?
9 We Say No To Absolute Tyranny!
10 Truth Makes The Difference
11 Awaken, Pray, Act
12 Defending Liberty, Free Enterprise, and Limited Constitutional Government
13 We Will Fight For Freedom (Madison)
14 It’s more than God Bless America, it is America – Bless God!
15 One Nation Under God

16 Connecting principles to practice (Dr. David Bobb 4-2-2013)
17 Where Great Ideas Brew – At The Tea Party
18 We will NOT Give Up Our Freedoms For Security, Come, Stand With Us
19 We’re Defending Your Freedoms
20 What we do is for FREEDOM!
21 Protecting Our Liberties  
22 No Liberty – No Freedom…Know Liberty – Know Freedom
23 We Will NOT Comply To a Tyrannical Government
24 We Believe In Truth And Life For All
25 We Are The Line In The Sand
26 We Fight For What Is Right, True & Good According To God’s Word
27 Wherever You Hear “Tea Party,” You Hear America’s Voice

28 Liberty And Justice For All
29 We Can Make a Difference With The Guidance of The Almighty
30 America’s Favorite Movement For Traditional Values
31 Will You Pledge Your Life, Your Fortune And Your Sacred Honor?
32 Stand up and fight (NRA)
33 Be Alert – Stay Vigilant
34 Got T.E.A.?
35 Champions for Liberty
36 We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident
37 One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors. (Plato)

38 We can turn America around with your help!
39 Keep The Path Clear For Freedom
40 The Spirit of Freedom Comes From God
41 We Must Stand With God
42 We Will Not Give Up Our Freedoms!
43 The greatest danger of all would be to do nothing (JFK)
44 “We The People” …Hold These Truths…
45 Let Freedom Ring in the Commonwealth of Virginia
46 Liberty and freedom for all
47 We Fight To Be Free – George Washington
48 The Bill of Rights Restrains Big Government
49 Many Things Have Changed, Tea Party Patriotism Hasn’t

50 The World is Upside Down – Not Us – Join The Tea Party
51 Life, Liberty And The Pursuit of Happiness
52 Stay Alert – No Fear
53 We Will Not Give Up Our Freedoms For Security!
54 We are the new Civil Rights movement!
55 We Are The American Patriots!
56 Half Of America Bowing To a king? Not The Tea Party
57 Meet Me At The Tea Party
58 Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness
59 Thirsty For The Truth, Join Today

60 Awaken Those To The Battle That Rages For America!
61 Faith, Family, Freedom
62 sic semper tyrannus
63 Restoring “the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”
64 Promoting Constitutional Governance, Restoring Liberty
65 Arise & Restore America
66 Defending the U.S. Constitution
67 Liberty, Once Lost, Is Lost Forever
68 We Abide By The Laws & Heritage From Our Founding Fathers
69 Liberty Matters, Because Liberty Matters, Freedom Matters, Because Freedom Matters, Demand Freedom

70 Protect & Preserve America
71 Protect & Preserve Our National Heritage
72 The 1773 Tea Party continues…
73 The Bill of Rights Restrains Greedy Politicians
74 The people always reserve the right to alter or abolish the government (Madison)
 75 Our Power Is In Our Freedoms
76 “We The People”… a Self Government
77 Duty, Honor and Country
78 Our Rights & Strengths Come From Above
79 We CAN Make a Difference With Your Help
80 Arise & Restore America to The Glory of God
81 It Is NOT Un-Constitutional to Quote The Constitution

82 Let Us Stand Together…To Guard Our Freedoms
83 Preserving Your Rights & Liberties
84 The Intersection Of Faith & Common Sense
85 America’s Been A Beacon To The World
86 I Choose To Take A Stand
87 Glory & Freedom Comes From God To All
88 Road To Liberty & Freedom
89 Together Defending Your Faith, Your Family & Your Freedoms
90 We Will Help You To Help America
91 There Is A Cost For Our Freedom
92 “We The People”… Must Stand Together
93 Will You Pledge Your Life, Fortune And Sacred Honor?

94 Life & Freedom Begins With God
95 Protect & Preserve Our Values
96 Protect Each Other From
97 We Stand By America’s Christian Heritage
98 Perseverance through devotion
99 Stand With Us To Defend Your Faith, Your Family & Your Freedoms
100 The Tea Party Keeps Us On The Right Track
101 Our Liberty Is Worth Fighting For
102 The Constitution Says, We Have A Right To Be Free
103 Thirst For The Truth Knows No Season
104 We Relinquish No Rights Nor Freedoms
105 Of, for and by the people (Ben Carson MD)
106 We Represent Your Rights & Freedoms
107 Solutions For a small government
108 Stand– and know the truth

109 If Not Now, When?
110 Neither A Party, Nor About Tea – We’re Just Defending Our Right To Be Free
111 We Will Never Waiver From Striving To Stand Morally Straight
112 Our American Flag Stands For Freedom
113 I Am An American Patriot!
114 We Will Not Give Up On America – Stand With Us!
115 Constitution, Conviction, Common Sense
116 In The Spirit Of Our Founding Fathers
117 We’re In A Battle For The Survival Of America!
118 If America Falls, Will We Recover?
119 We Are The Last Stand For America
120 Liberty Forever
121 We Promote The Blessings Of Liberty
122 God Defines Our Rights & Freedoms, Not Government
123 “We The People”…In Order To Form…
124 1791 Established OUR Bill Of Rights
125 Are You Watching Us Now?

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