Tom Garrett Meet and Greet
Friday April 8th


Dear LTP Patriots,

   George is having a fundraiser for Tom Garrett who is currently our state senator, but who would like to replace retiring Robert Hurt our current House Representative for District 5 which is about 1/2 of you. Those of us from District 6 under Bob Goodlatte will miss you Tom, but we know you will do a good job. If you would like to support State Senator Garrett’s run for the House of Representatives you can do so by going to George’s Meet and Greet next Friday April 8. All the information you need is shown below. Don’t forget you will need $50.00 and you will need to let George know you are coming so he knows how much food and drink to have on hand. Who to call, where to go is in the attachment above.

   Next Thursday is our monthly LTP meeting at Lynchburg Memorial Library. I will send out an announcement with the night’s agenda early next week. All the political intrigue going on right now has gotten my nerves frazzled. Just remember who benefits from all the republican infighting: HILLARY!!! and in a perfect world she would be on her way to prison. That would be the USA we used to know and want back. That’s what we should focus on. Call me or email me 434-277-9036

   God Bless us all, Renée DeShane (Operations Chair)


You are cordially invited to attend

a reception in support of

Tom Garrett

Republican Candidate for Congress
5th District of Virginia

Friday, April 8, 2016
6:30 in the evening

Hosted by: JoAnne and George Caylor
George and JoAnne Caylor
Lila and Mark Peake

at the home of
George and JoAnne Caylor
2460 Rivermont Avenue
Lynchburg, Virginia 24503

please RSVP by April 5, 2016
or 434-455-3371

Tickets $50.00 each

Paid for and authorized by Tom Garrett for Congress

make checks payable to:

Tom Garret for Congress

Mail to:

Mark Peake

414 New Britain Drive

Lynchburg, VA 24503

or tickets available at the door but please RSVP if possible
* * * * * *



Gov Terry McAuliffe vetoes HB 1090 PPH Funding

Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoes HB 1090 on
Planned Parenthood Funding



I hope you are as upset as many of us about our illustrious Governor Terry McAuliffe making more bad decisions with Planned Parenthood.  Please send him a note or give him a call and share your thoughts.  I’m sure he will appreciate your input.


Victoria Cobb, President
Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Today, Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed a bill (HB 1090) that would have redirected your state taxpayer money away from the abortion industry and toward federally qualified health clinics and other medical facilities that put health ahead of abortion and profit.

Sadly, we anticipated this Governor would oppose this common sense health measure, even though it would have increased the range and quality of healthcare for many women. We anticipated that this Governor would do everything within his power to prop up the billion dollar abortion giant Planned Parenthood. After all, he did accept nearly $2 million from the abortion industry during his 2013 campaign for Governor.

What we did not expect was the brazen display of defiance that Governor McAuliffe demonstrated when he vetoed HB 1090 today. In a departure from how Governor’s usually veto a bill, Governor McAuliffe held a special ceremony at the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood in Richmond – the largest abortion provider of all abortion centers in Virginia. Since the facility was private property, only invited guests were allowed on the premises. The Governor essentially rolled out the red carpet and invited all his pro-abortion friends and reporters for a big exclusive celebration over killing the bill.

Today’s shameful display did have one positive note. In spite of the Governor’s calculated efforts to keep it quiet, when The Family Foundation learned about the details of his “veto ceremony” with all of about 12 hours advance notice, we quickly rallied some of our most faithful pro-life advocates. They showed up to the Planned Parenthood site early this morning to protest the Governor’s actions, to pray and to hold signs with pro-life messages on the sidewalks near the facility.

We also compiled data and created leaflets listing many of the despicable health and safety violations documented during periodic licensure inspections of that Planned Parenthood facility over the past several years. The Family Foundation obtained these reports through several “Freedom of Information” requests. Our pro-life advocates were able to hand the leaflets to the reporters of all the major news outlets. At least now if they continue to avoid addressing these grave violations, we can be confident that it was not for lack of knowing.

Despite HB 1090 gaining clear majorities from our representatives in both the House and Senate, Governor Terry McAuliffe thumbed his nose at the majority of Virginians and by his actions publicly declared his allegiance to Planned Parenthood.

Despite this setback, with your support and many like you, the fight for life presses on and Planned Parenthood’s days of being propped up by taxpayers are numbered.  Twelve other states have at least partially defunded Planned Parenthood.  More will follow.  The Family Foundation will not stop until we join that list!


Additional letters to Goodlatte???

Last week Ed had written a great piece for Bob Goodlatte about disarming our seniors on SSI. Here are a couple more items of great importance you can run by Bob Goodlatte.

To: Congressman Bob Goodlatte <>
Official Websites
Government Website:
Official Website:  

Social Media Pages

Voting Record:     


Well, here are two other items we could write to Goodlatte and voice our concern:
#1   Obama’s Modern Military

The United States military has one purpose — to defend our country by defeating our enemies. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration sees the military as a vast playground for radical social experimentation.

When it’s not busy accommodating the demands of transgendered soldiers or purging Christians from its ranks, it is pushing the Pentagon to toe the line on the president’s environmental agenda.

Here’s the latest: According to the Washington Times, “The Pentagon [Translated: Obama’s appointees] is ordering the top brass to incorporate climate change into virtually everything they do, from testing weapons to training troops to war planning to joint exercises with allies.”

Are you kidding me?

North Korea is putting satellites into space. Iran is testing new missiles. China is creating chokepoints in the Pacific. Russia is resurgent, moving into the Middle East and challenging NATO. ISIS is still in Iraq, Syria and expanding its influence throughout North Africa.

But Obama wants our soldiers to be weathermen instead of warriors.


#2   Obama’s Budget: Blueprint For Bankruptcy

President Obama submitted his final budget to Congress today. Speaking to reporters at the White House, Obama declared, “The budget that we are releasing today reflects my priorities.” That’s certainly a true statement.

It is a jaw-dropping $4.1 trillion manifesto of higher taxes, more spending and bigger government. It is a blueprint for national bankruptcy. Just consider this analysis from the Associated Press:

“Obama’s budget would increase taxes by $2.6 trillion over the coming decade, nearly double the $1.4 trillion in new taxes Obama sought and failed to achieve in last year’s budget. . . Even with the increased taxes, Obama’s budget projects sharply higher deficits in coming years, totaling $9.8 trillion over the next decade.”

Wow! Another $10 trillion in debt? That’s an additional $1 trillion a year that we do not have!

Not surprisingly, congressional Republicans are declaring the president’s budget “Dead On Arrival.” Speaker Paul Ryan blasted the Obama’s fiscal irresponsibility, saying, “This isn’t even a budget so much as it is a progressive manual for growing the federal government at the expense of hardworking Americans.”

Gary Bauer