One month left until the elections!  Hallelujah its almost here!  But that means time is very short to do all we can to help campaigns. 

At our meeting this Thursday, October 6th, representatives from the Trump and Garrett campaigns will tell us the latest news and their plans for the time remaining before the election including events planned near us (and one at Liberty University).  We will hear about local opportunities for getting involved.  This is the last month!  If you aren’t volunteering already, come to the meeting and find out what you can do!

When:  Thursday, October 6th, 6:30 pm refreshments, 7:00 pm meeting.

Where:  Lynchburg Public Library, 2315 Memorial Ave, Lynchburg, VA 24501 (near EC Glass High School).

Several representatives from the Trump and Garrett campaigns will be our guests, including VA state Delegate Jimmie Massie (Henrico) and Elliott Harding, Chairman of the Albemarle County Republican Committee.  We will also hear an inspirational message from Tim Griffin about a past President(s) to remind us what it is we are fighting for!

See you this Thursday!
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LTP General Meeting Thur. Oct. 6th  7:00pm – 8:45pm
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and 6:30 to 7:00, 8:45 to 9:30pm Free Time.
Lynchburg Public Library
2315 Memorial Ave, Lynchburg, VA 24501

There will be coffee and some refreshments available for our guests. There
will always be someone at the front door to greet you – should anyone arrive late.

We look forward to seeing each of you Thursday evening!

Come get involved, get informed and bring a friend.
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What a blessing to hear good news in the Commonwealth of Virginia!  This goes to show you how parents, students, teachers, AND pastors can voice their thoughts/distaste of unnatural behavior being thrown into the faces of our children.  Common sense people, with a Biblical world view, coming to a fight for sanity. Thus is what we need more of in our country!

LTP Communications


Victoria Cobb, President of familyfoundation.org
Friday, September 23, 2016

After hearing from parents on Wednesday night into the wee hours of Thursday morning, and following weeks of intense opposition from county residents, the Prince William County School Board voted to postpone until at least next June any further discussion on elevating the subjective notions of sexual orientation and gender identity to a special protected status in the schools’ policy.

This is a HUGE WIN for parents and students in Prince William and all across the Commonwealth!

Prince William County residents and leaders, much like Fairfax County before them, are a shining example of how concerned parents can stand up and successfully push back against dangerous and politically-motivated policies that seek to blur all lines of truth and sanity while making our children the guinea pigs for Leftist social experiments.

school board gender vote

For over five hours, nearly 140 speakers passionately and compellingly addressed a proposed revision to the school system’s policy that would elevate the subjective notions of sexual orientation and gender identity to a special protected status. From our assessment, at least 90% of the comments were from parents, grandparents, students, pastors, and community leaders strongly opposed to the idea of putting boys in girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and bedrooms for overnight trips.

Backing them up with their support, booming applause, hand-made signs, with many wearing their characteristic red, several hundred Prince William residents – mostly parents – filled the meeting room, as well as an overflow room reserved specially for this meeting.

In fact, it was remarkable just how one-sided it turned out to be. Parents were having none of it. And as we saw, the School Board members got the message. The only member to oppose the motion to postpone discussion until the next year was Chairman Ryan Sawyers, the man singularly responsible for pushing this nonsensical policy change despite overwhelming reasons to back off.

While the School Board should have gone ahead and voted down this terrible policy, it was notable that they decided to take no action until after the courts provided more guidance on the matter. But after witnessing what parents in Prince William pulled together in just a few short weeks of learning about this policy, imagine what parents and residents can do with nearly a year’s worth of coordination!

Perhaps the School Board members are thinking to themselves, “I fear we may have only awoken a sleeping giant.”

For now, count this one as a win for parents, a win for student safety, privacy, and dignity, a win for the rule of law, and a win for sanity and common sense. In the meantime, other counties across Virginia should look to Prince William County as a great model for protecting our school children.



If you are not subscribed to Gary Bauer’s End of Day Report, may I suggest you give him a try and see the wonderful things he does to help get the truth out there, and helps get great people elected that is good for our nation.  His report is free for the asking.

P.S.  More information could be coming out soon that could clarify the shooter’s motives.


Monday, June 13, 2016
From: Gary L. Bauer

Obama & Orlando

Sunday afternoon, President Obama took to the podium at the White House briefing room and turned the Orlando attack into a tirade against guns. Obama said that the FBI had “reached no definitive judgment on the precise motivations of the killer.” In fact, the FBI had a pretty good idea given that Omar Mateen called 911 and pledged his loyalty to ISIS.

Obama blamed hate and guns. And as he has done his entire administration, he left out the most important point: This was an act of ideology, formed and driven by an Islamic supremacist theology.

We do not have certainty about how many Muslims are infected with this supremacist ideology. We do know, however, that it is not an insignificant number.

For example, it is so widespread that the Islamic Republic of Iran is built on it, and many Iranians pray and work toward the day when a second Holocaust can be successfully carried out.

We know on battlefields reaching from Syria into Iraq that the Islamic State has been able to hold off the armies of multiple nations.

For the 3,000 people killed on 9/11, for the runners at the Boston Marathon, for the soldiers at Fort Hood who thought they could safely relax back in the U.S., for our fellow Americans enjoying a party, for young rockers at a Paris concert, for iconoclastic journalists in the same city, for Israelis quietly sipping coffee just a few days ago in Tel Aviv, the number of jihadists in our midst is a theoretical argument that can only be had by the living.

We know the jihadist army is growing, not shrinking. At the same time, western countries have repeatedly assured their Muslim citizens that we feel no anger toward them; that we want them to enjoy all the benefits of our free and open societies. Mosques are being built at a faster rate than before 9/11.

During this period, Muslim supremacism has been spreading. Terror attacks have increased. Curiously, political elites throughout the West have increased immigration and refugee resettlement from the very countries where the jihadist ideology burns the hottest.

Politicians in Europe and the United States who question this policy are compared to Adolf Hitler and Nazism. One can’t help but notice the irony that the closest thing to Nazism in the world today is this very Islamic supremacist ideology, including its hatred of Jews.

But questions must be asked. For example, did the FBI know that Mateen’s father supports the Taliban?

The attack in Orlando Sunday morning was the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. Slouching towards us is a “beast,” just over the horizon, bringing so much death that 9/11 will look small in comparison.

It is a sad curse of history that, faced with this danger, we are saddled with Barack Obama, a president who refuses to do what any previous American president would have done. Unless we wake up, we face the prospect of electing Hillary Clinton, who will continue Obama’s destructive policies.

It’s Your Fault

The left is already trying to make the case that if you believe in traditional marriage or don’t want your daughter using the same bathroom as boys who think they are girls, then you are responsible for creating the atmosphere of hate that lead to the Orlando shooting.

One ACLU attorney tweeted yesterday morning, “You know what is gross — your [Christian] thoughts and prayers and Islamophobia after you created this anti-queer climate.”

Yet, Mateen had ties to a radical imam and traveled to Saudi Arabia twice in recent years as he reportedly grew more devout.

So let’s just summarize: If you’re a Muslim listening to Muslim leaders saying gays should be killed and you kill gays, it has nothing to do with your Muslim faith.

But if you are a conservative who believes marriage is between a man and a woman, and that little girls should not be forced to use bathrooms with little boys who think they are girls, then according to ACLU, you have created the atmosphere that led the Muslim jihadist to kill gays.


Over and over again, our elites keep referring to the Orlando attack as a tragedy. A tragedy is when a newborn dies of a rare disease or when someone is killed in an accident.

What happened in Orlando was an atrocity. It was an attack — an act of war. It should be treated as such, rather than dismissed as an unexplainable accident.

Commentators have repeatedly compared this attack to Sandy Hook and the Aurora, Colorado, theater shootings, as Barack Obama did in his White House statement. In those cases, two insane individuals committed horrendous crimes, raising serious questions about the need for reform in our mental health system.

What happened in Orlando, at Fort Hood, in Boston and San Bernardino were not mental health issues. They were not gun issues. (The Tsarnaev brothers used pressure cookers as bombs in Boston.) They were examples of the Islamic supremacist threat within our country.

Yet Obama, with virtually every word he utters, tries to confuse the American people. Once again, the left is using this Islamist attack as a battering ram to knock down your door, take away your gun and limit your rights.

Sad, But True

My co-host on the “Bauer & Rose Show,” Tom Rose, former CEO and publisher of the Jerusalem Post, suggested that if we want to see leftists become Second Amendment advocates, we should immediately demand that Muslims be banned from owning firearms.

Lone Wolf?

Our left-wing elites, desperate to disassociate this atrocity from Islam, also keep telling us that Mateen was just a lone wolf, acting on his own. Just like Major Nidal Hasan. But how many lone wolves do you need before you have a pack of wolves?

Like Hasan, there were warnings about Omar Mateen. Co-workers repeatedly complained about his rhetoric, including his praise Hezbollah and ISIS. He was investigated by the FBI at least twice.

FBI Director James Comey told reporters today that Mateen “admitted to making statements about the terrorist organizations, but he said he did it in anger because he thought his coworkers were discriminating against him.” The investigations were closed without any charges.

In other words, Mateen used political correctness to his advantage and manipulated the FBI!

One classmate said Mateen celebrated on the morning of 9/11. From then until now, he walked through America expressing his sympathy for radical Islam.

Once again, the government’s mantra of “If you see something, say something,” completely failed us. Russia said something about the Tsarnaev brothers. Co-workers of Major Nidal Hasan said something.

The left’s politically correct worldview is killing us. On a range of issues, its goal is to stamp out normal human emotions.

Wake Up, America!

Recent elections and polling shows that many young people increasingly support left-wing politicians. They might want to reconsider.

Young people go to concerts like those in Paris. They run in the Boston Marathon. They go to nightclubs like the one in Orlando.

Yet, the politicians many of those young people vote for will not confront the enemy that carried out the attacks in Paris, Boston and Orlando. Their left-wing, anti-gun policies won’t stop the attacks.

To America’s progressive youth and their parents, I must ask: What is more important to you? Breaking the glass ceiling and electing the first female president? Making sure your daughter has the right to take the life of her unborn child?

Or making sure you and your children can go to a sporting event or rock concert and not worry that there are jihadists living among us, plotting to kill us?

The other day, Muslim migrants in Dusseldorf, Germany, burned down the asylum center where they were living after the morning wake-up call for Ramadan prayers failed to go off.

My question is when are we going to hear our wake-up call?

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