Larry Dowdy from WLNI interviewed Michael DelRosso Thursday morning about “Sharia law in America.”  Most of our audiences have no clue to what is coming for us!

Michael DelRosso audio interview:


At the Tea Party meeting we had watched and then discussed “The cost of Refugee Resettlement in Virginia.”  That video outlined the amount of dollars Virginians are paying for the refugees coming into the Commonwealth.  It was a shocker!  After the video, we had a Skype Q&A with the author.

The attendees were flabbergasted at the cost and the secrecy that is carried on without our towns/cities or its leaderships being informed before “delivery” of the refugees.

Click on the the link below to see that video:

Refugee Resettlement Virginia

An added bonus of what to expect in a 3 min video.
Watch to the see the future of Europe  (and coming to America)


A shocking new video provides more reason for non-Muslims in the West to worry about the ongoing refugee crisis in the Middle East. A Muslim cleric and leader was recently explaining what was really going on with the mass Muslim migration when he got a bit too honest with the crowd.

“The infidels want us to be tormented. They want us to be humiliated. The Koran says: “The Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you,” but we will never follow their religion. This dark night will be over, and soon, we will trample them underfoot, Allah willing.

Germany is not a compassionate country that wishes to absorb refugees from Syria and Iraq, and Palestinian refugees in the Levant and elsewhere. Europe has become old and decrepit, and needs human reinforcement. No force is more powerful than the human force of us Muslims. Oh, Muslims, the Germans say, in their economic reports, that they need 50,000 young workers. Now, they have got 20,000, and they want another 30,000 and more, to work in their factories. They are not motivated by compassion for the Levant, its people, and its refugees.

Throughout Europe, all the hearts are infused with hatred toward Muslims. They wish that we were dead. But they have lost their fertility, so they look for fertility in our midst. We will give them fertility! We will breed children with them, because WE SHALL CONQUER THEIR COUNTRIES – whether you like it or not, oh Germans, oh Americans, oh French, oh Italians and all those like you.

Take the refugees! We shall soon collect them in the name of the coming Caliphate. We will say to you: These are our sons. Send them, or we will send our armies to you.

Folks, don’t be misled. The world’s Islamic leaders have an agenda. And that agenda is conquest.

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We hope you heard George Caylor’s interview with Mr. Michael Del Rosso this morning on WLNI (105.9 FM).  Considering his knowledge of illegal immigration, Sharia, and national security, I am sure the interview will be as lively tonight as it was this morning!  Mr. Del Rosso’s extensive bio includes:

       The Center for Security Policy, Senior Fellow for Homeland and National Security.

       The Claremont Institute, Research Fellow in National Security Policy


George also talked about tonight’s LTP meeting which will focus on refugee resettlement in Virginia, including how much is it costing us and who is profiting from it.  We will hear a presentation for Virginia Free Citizen Watch who has been documenting the impact of refugee resettlement in Virginia and other related issues.


We hope you will be part of the crowd for this fabulous event, so invite your family and your friends. We really need to hear this information of “what’s going on around us?!”  See you tonight!!!!

Come a little early and grab a snack and a cup of coffee.


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LTP General Meeting Thur. Jun. 2nd  7:00pm – 8:45pm
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and 6:30 to 7:00, 8:45 to 9:30pm Free Time.
at our new location of Lynchburg Public Library
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There will be coffee and some refreshments available for our guests. There
will always be someone at the front door to greet you – should anyone
arrive late and will also be there until we leave.

We look forward to seeing each of you Thursday evening!

Thank you!!  Come get involved and bring a friend.
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Here is HOT TOPIC you do not want to miss!  Tell your family, friends to come and hear about the migration coming to Virginia and the unrest it will most likely bring.  All happening on Thursday evening Tea Party meeting 7PM.



Refugee Resettlement in Virginia

Thursday evening, June 2nd, the Lynchburg Tea Party is hosting a presentation on refugee resettlement by the Virginia Free Citizen Watch.  They document the high cost to Virginians of refugee resettlement, including who is paying for it; the costly impacts to our social services, healthcare, and local schools; and the companies who are making large sums of money settling refugees in our local communities.  President Obama’s stated target is to bring in 10,000 refugees into the country this year (but who knows the real number).  They are speeding up the refugee “vetting” process to ensure all get in before Obama leaves office.  Unfortunately, Virginia lawmakers failed to pass bills this year to protect Virginians from Obama’s costly resettlement program.  How many refugees are already here?  How many are coming soon?  Who is making money off of this, and what is it costing us?

Come learn more about refugee resettlement in Virginia this Thursday evening, June 2nd.  The Lynchburg Tea Party meets at the Memorial Library, across from EC Glass High School (2311 Memorial Ave, Lynchburg, VA 24501).  The meeting starts at 7:00 pm but come at 6:30 for snacks.